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Apr 1, 2019

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Tonight we had Jason Jean from Tattered Beans on and his story is one of empowerment, hustle and most importantly respect! From running a roofing crew at 14 years old to launching multiple successful businesses, Jason has no shortage of insight for anyone looking to launch a business. On top of all this Jason also served in the Air Force and experienced a sense of community that didn't leave him when he was honorably discharged.

Jason felt a strong desire to create a business centered around giving back to veterans so he created Tattered Beans. It is a veteran owned company where a percentage of each coffee bag is going directly to the hands of a veteran, active duty soldier or first responder! The mission not only gives back but allows veterans, active duty soldiers and first responders the opportunity to create their own source of income by selling the coffee themselves. Head to their site by clicking the link below and find out how you can become part of a great organization centered around actual change and empowerment!



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